Meeting Information April 26/2022

Our meeting on the afternoon of April 26, was facilitated by Karen Rosenberg.

We enjoyed each other’s company for 2 hours with a discussion and writing together.

Discussion Highlights:

  • *Mark your calendar* There will be an in-person Canadian Retreat at Jericho House in late August of 2023.  We will also be trying to put this one zoom. Jericho House is currently holding retreats like this, so they will lend us expertise.
  • Write around the World, best one ever, going on now. If you haven’t joined to lead a session, check out the calendar to attend. It’s for a great cause.
  • Discussion about  workshop fees and other financial arrangements
    • within the group, online single hour sessions averaged $15/participant
    • online 2 hour sessions averaged $25/participant
    • in-person sessions may have higher fees if rent is paid
    • workshops can be offered in many forms – single stand-alone dates or in a series
    • series lengths varied from 3 to 8 weeks, with some being up to a year in length
    • fixed fee workshops can be worthwhile if the workshop organizer finds participants, does marketing, and provides space.
    • public libraries are good potential workshop hosts for fixed fee workshops
    • discounts and scholarships are at the facilitator’s discretion and were highly variable.
    • As a facilitator, fees paid to take workshops can be considered professional development and/or training expenses.

Writing Prompt Karen used the poem In Perpertual Sprint by Amy Gestler as the prompt

She invited writers to use either of the following tow lines for a 20 minute write

    • your faith that for every hurt/there is a leaf to cure it
    • every year I forget

Thanks so much to Carol Good for the notes

Watch for the next meeting:

June 14 – 6:30 – 8:30 pm, Eastern Time

facilitated by Sarah Kerr

                                  Discussion to be focused on facilitating feedback –                                             what are your experiences, joys, and concerns with facilitating?




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